Enabling Digital Medicine

Tiro Medical develops tools for the Digital Medicine sector. Our technologies are beneficial to many areas of the healthcare industry, from point of care tools through to departmental and organisational monitoring, review and refinement.

Our operations cover three basic areas: Monitoring, Interpretation and Review.

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Developing the next generation of monitoring technologies for the primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare sectors. Providing clinicians with the right tools for the right patients.

Technology Highlight

We are leading the way in the development of Imaging Elastography for personalised breast cancer monitoring and detection. Our system is currently undergoing a clinical study in New Zealand. Click below to learn more.



Leveraging digital health information to enable physicians to make more informed decisions. We turn vast amounts of digital patient data into insightful, quantifiable, physiological metrics.

Over 30,000 pieces of data are captured from an ICU patient every minute. We create tools which interpret this data into real-time, quantifiable, physiological metrics, allowing physicians to make more informed, more accurate, decisions.



Performance analysis and simulation tools to enable physicians, healthcare providers and medical device companies to maximise the efficacy of their offerings.

The retrospective analysis or simulation of medical data at a patient, ward or organisational level. Our tools not only help quanitify what has happened, but also what could have happened for the same population for different care scenarios.